Tuesday, December 14, 2010

    Free Feedback on Your Nonprofit's Website

    You may recall that the post 10 Pages Every Nonprofit Website Should Have generated a lot of feedback (and it still generates numerous visits to this blog). One result of the post was a LinkedIn group entitled "Nonprofit Website Best Practice." One part of the group is regular nonprofit website review. This provides the members of the group with an opportunity to visit various sites and identify tools, ideas and design elements they may want to implement or avoid on other sites.

    That being said, I invite you to 1) join the group; and, 2) suggest your nonprofit organization's site for the group's review. Submit your site via the comment section below!

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    Jessica said...

    We are currently working on revamping our website within the next couple of months and would love to have as many parties as possible provide feedback and suggestions prior to our new launch in April.

    We are an affordable housing and residential services organization that serves low and moderate income families, disabled and the elderly throughout New England.

    I can be contacted directly by email at jherrick@thecalebfoundation.org.

    Our website is: www.thecalebfoundation.org

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