Sunday, April 25, 2010

    See What People "Like" & new Facebook tools

    Interesting tool from the people at Like Button -A one stop dashboard to see what people are currently liking on various popular websites (or specify a category: news, video, tech, music, Facebook, games, entertainment, reviews, photos, sports or movies). If you are logged into your Facebook account, you will see your friends listed first, above a divider, followed by items that are trending with the general public. This is using the social information that lies underneath Facebook and is accessible to all with whom you share. There is also a way to do with without Like Button, where you set parameters within Facebook and it will generate the proper code for you to use in iframe / Javascript SDK. First the Like Button version:

    And then the Facebook plugin version:

    The advantage to the latter is that it is concise and you can tailor it to a specific URL, as the example is tailored to The More Donors Blog. The advantage to the former is that you can look across various sites quickly at one site, without having to create any code or install it into a format for viewing.

    Other new / more useful tools:

    Enjoy these tools and share your success using them!

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